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Dividing the community

This week Town Meeting members received an e-mail titled “Courting The Turbines” from Dr. George Woodwell, on behalf of The Green Center. The gist of the correspondence was more hyperbole from the Friends Of Falmouth Wind and a pandering for donations to fund legal efforts to continue dividing our community.

Dr. Woodwell, The Green Center, and the Friends still don’t get it! The core issue isn’t about whether Judge Moriarty was right or wrong, or whether Falmouth taxpayers or commonwealth taxpayers everywhere foot the bill for Falmouth’s wind turbine siting blunders. Neither is it about whether wind energy is good or bad or whether the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is delayed or accelerated. The crux of the matter, whether for an individual resident or the community as a whole, is about quality of life.

In essence [it is] whether we accept the turbine-siting mistake without rancor and choose as a town to “Make Falmouth Nice” again… despite cost or cause.

Mark J. Cool, Fire Tower Road, West Falmouth