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No company should thwart tax system

In response to PILOT Savings Will Not be a Windfall Locallyā€¯ which appeared in the Nov. 1-7 issue of North Country This Week: I believed in all the hype and misinformation about PILOTs from their inception.

It actually sounded like a good idea then, but now experience and record indicate just the opposite.

A company with a good idea and a solid background will not need PILOTs because they are ready to pay their fair share all the way and know they have a good product.

History has shown that PILOTs are really a way for a company to pull out, with no repercussions, from their deals and just slip back into the woodwork.

Company after company has tried to start up, found little to no support of sales for their product of service, and just quietly disappear, leaving their mess behind and the taxpayers to handle that mess.

I hold the givers of the PILOTs as responsible for the overall negative impacts, which one can easily look up, as the real problem.

Not to say that all PILOTs are bad, because a small few have worked out, but by and large, the rest have screwed the local taxpayers.

No company should ever be given a way to thwart the tax system. Zero!

Tom Rivet