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Not a good idea to repurpose wind turbines

I am skeptical of the proposition that the Tehachapi area’s old, small and obsolete wind turbines can be repurposed to other properties to any economic benefit. (“Smaller wind turbines could be reused, reader explains,” Nov. 15)

• Point one: Many are inoperative. It costs more to make them work than any benefit to be gained from them. That’s why they stand idle now. The tax benefit having expired, maintenance no longer is justified. For those that still work, why would the owners trouble to be rid of a productive asset?

• Point two: Relocation costs – A crew goes up on the hill; disconnects everything, dismantles all the parts; loads it all on a flatbed, carries it miles to a new site, new owner has paid for a new pad, connection to their system or to the electric system. Erect and connect the whole thing, once the local codes have been satisfied. No warranty, by the way.

• Point three: Indeterminacy – The wind doesn’t always blow at a rate required by the turbines to operate at a useful rate. Therefore, the new property owner must provide for backup electricity as needed.

• Point four: Mechanical devices (i.e. those with moving parts,) must be maintained. Things wear out. Solar collectors (with their own set of problems,) at least avoid the physical wear issue, for the most part.

• Point five: No tax benefit under current law. (Most of the reason for the original investment.)

• Point six: These turbines are old and failing because they are inefficient technology. No provident person would take on such a liability after all these years under these circumstances.

Terry Quinn, Bear Valley Springs