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Council members need to represent all residents

As a Hopkinton resident and business owner for 35+ years, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a well-functioning organization.

After hearing about the proposed North Ridge Industrial Wind Project, I began to attend Hopkinton Town and Wind Advisory Board meetings, learning more about my elected officials and town government. The individuals on both boards are hard-working; but at this point, aren’t working well together. Three members of the Wind Advisory Board have already resigned, and a fourth will resign if the Town Board rejects their recommendations for the Local Wind Law and Wind Overlay Zone.

At Monday’s Town Meeting, two board members, both candidates for re-election, chose not to answer questions regarding the proposed industrial wind facility. One stated he was still gathering information; however, earlier this summer he voted against the recommendations of the Wind Advisory Board. At that point he was in favor of lesser setbacks, higher decibel levels, and allowing turbine development south of Route 72. Due to conflicts of interest, the second board member up for re-election is not allowed to vote on, or participate in, any wind-related decisions. This has created deadlocks and delays.

I cannot support officials who refuse to state their positions on such important issues and see citizens as obstacles rather than stakeholders.

We need competent and civic-minded representatives on our town board; individuals who are committed to improving our town through hard work, dedication, and informed decision-making.

We need creative individuals who can bring about appropriate development while conserving and enhancing what we hold dear.

We need a local government that is much more receptive to all residents, one that welcomes input and participation from their constituents.

Sandy Maine