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A closer look at who has contracts with wind company

ARKWRIGHT – Arkwright town officials note that among town officials, only Councilman Christopher Cannon has a contact with the wind farm company to construct turbines locally.

According to EDP Renewables, which is based in Houston, and maintains offices and wind farms across the United States, there are 57 landowner contracts in place for the Arkwright Wind Farm. Fifty-two of the contracts are for the town of Arkwright; five are in the town of Pomfret. Because Arkwright does not have its own postal address, many of the local addresses are listed as Fredonia, Forestville or Cassadaga. There are some permanent addresses outside of Chautauqua County and some outside New York state.

Cannon’s contact was signed on May 25, 2007.

Those residing in Chautauqua County are as follows:

¯ Vera Allen, Walnut Creek Road, Fredonia;

¯ Stony Brook Park LLC, Route 60, Fredonia;

¯ Gregory Buckley, Water Street, Fredonia;

¯ Robert Cain, Main Road, Silver Creek;

¯ Joseph & Lorraine Conti, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Samuel Conti, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Howard and Alyce Crowell, Cassadaga Road, Forestville;

¯ James and Christine Decker, Webster Road, Fredonia;

¯ Terrence & Astrid Dietrzen, Liberty Street, Fredonia;

¯ David & Melinda DiSaverio, Ball Road, Cassadaga;

¯ Rev. Raymond Donohue, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ James Dunning, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Angie Halicki, Franklin Avenue, Dunkirk;

¯ Kay Barlow, Main Street, Fredonia;

¯ Jackie Hills, Webster Road, Fredonia;

¯ Sharon Hills, Route 60, Fredonia;

¯ Chester Jaromin, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ Michele Jones, Ball Road, Cassadaga;

¯ Raymond Krehan, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ Paul Luczkowiak, Front Street, Dunkirk;

¯ Shaw and Richmond, Seymour Street, Fredonia;

¯ Domst Szydlo, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Brian Maslach, Fredonia;

¯ Richard and Marion Matyjakowski, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ David McAvoy and Deb Claude, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ Melvin and Ann Mclaughlin, Straight Road, Fredonia;

¯ Ruth DeGolier Nichols, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Ronald Pacos, Straight Road, Fredonia;

¯ Ann Pauszek, S. Martin Street, Dunkirk;

¯ Tammy Peck, Miller Road, Fredonia;

¯ James Potter, Center Road, Fredonia;

¯ Gregory Prechtl, Johnson Street, Fredonia;

¯ Harold and Linda Ross, Forestville;

¯ David and Alice Sanders, Fredonia;

¯ Dayna Schultz, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Craig Silleman, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Joseph and Jamie Sorrento, Route 83, Fredonia;

¯ Joseph Sweeny, Fredonia;

¯ Leonard Szydlo, Miller Road, Fredonia;

¯ Bo and Helen Duplinsky;

¯ Patricia Wilde, Route 83, Fredonia.

Out-of-town landowners and addresses include:

¯ Arkwright Summit Wind Farm, Houston, Texas;

¯ Paul and Stephanie Baiocco, Marilla;

¯ Demme Living Trust, Port Charlotte, Fla.;

¯ Gail Fitz-Gerald, LaMirada, Calif;

¯ Holy Family Parish, Buffalo;

¯ Thomas & Marie Jurczak, Allegany;

¯ Kaizer Kamble, Williamsville;

¯ Michael and Scott Lehman, Lockport;

¯ Ron Cooley, Hillsborough, N.C.;

¯ Trustee Raymond Mingle, Montville, Ohio;

¯ James Rudolph, Ransomville;

¯ Eugene Schmitt, Cape Coral, Fla.;

¯ Gary Stahl, Angola;

¯ Lyle Stanbro, N. Fort Meyers, Fla.;

¯ Rosemarie Stoiantschewsky, Hillsboro, Ore.

Along with the Arkwright Wind Farm, other wind farms listed on EDP Renewables’ website include Alabama Ledge, Jerocho Rise, South Branch, Maple Ridge; Maple Ridge II; Madison and Marble River wind farms.

EDP Renewables North America LLC, also says it has signed a voluntary Code of Conduct Agreement on April 8, 2016, with the Attorney General of the State of New York, Eric T. Schneiderman. The code promotes transparency and ethical business conduct in wind power development in the State of New York by clarifying rules for avoiding conflicts of interest for elected officials and the wind energy companies in New York.