September 30, 2017

Savoy votes down bylaw to make planned wind turbines taller

By JD Allen | WAMC |

A five-turbine wind project is moving forward in Savoy, Massachusetts, but residents have rejected a bylaw to allow for taller wind turbines.

Voters in the Berkshire County town rejected a bylaw Wednesday to make the planned $31 million renewable energy project’s wind turbines taller on West Hill in Savoy.

In June, residents approved a measure allowing the town to negotiate tax incentives with developer Minuteman Wind. The turbine blades originally approved by the town in 2008 are no longer manufactured; today’s blades are larger and the developer says the turbines need to be taller to compensate.

The plan is at a standstill until the developer finds an alternative and a finalized tax incentive package is approved by the town.

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