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Hopkinton woman announces town board candidacy; says town council is in ‘disarray’ due to ethical issues

HOPKINTON – Hopkinton Town Councilwoman candidate Kelly Pullano says that the town board is in “disarray” due to ethical issues relating to proposed wind towers that are planned for the town.

Pullano, who formally announced her candidacy for the town board, says that her town is “faced with an issue of serious magnitude.” “If elected, I believe I could represent the community of Hopkinton in the manner residents deserve,” she said.

“The serious issue I speak of is the real threat of an industrial wind project in our rural town,” Pullano said. “Industrial wind turbines of 500-plus feet will have a far-reaching and lasting impact on our way of life. Evidence is piling up every day on impacts on real estate, noise levels, well water issues, lubricant leaks, wildlife and fires. The information is endless and needs to be seriously considered before rushing into a project of this nature.”

Pullano said the disarray of the town board results from councilman Gilbert Sochia’s father having a lease with the wind company, which legally prevents him from voting or discussing wind turbine issues.

Greg Crump, another councilman up for re-election, could not vote under the existing ethics law due to an uncle and a cousin having signed leases with the wind company. The Hopkinton town board changed their ethics law for the sole purpose of allowing Mr. Crump to discuss and vote on wind turbine issues.

Both councilmen are up for re-election.

Both councilmen are pro-wind, Pullano said. “Both councilmen need to be replaced by candidates who will speak and act on behalf of the community.”

Pullano is a Hopkinton resident of 13 years having raised four children here.

“We love the small town and the rural lifestyle,” she said. “I appreciate what we have here in Hopkinton and will fight to preserve it.

The community deserves a board that will represent what the people want. If elected, I will work to explore other possible ways to promote economic growth that will enhance our community, not destroy it. I will welcome your ideas and suggestions as we work together and build a strong sense of community. Please vote on Nov. 7. Good decisions today make for a better tomorrow.”