September 23, 2017
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Brown County hosts special meeting on wind turbine health effects

Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy, Sept. 23, 2017

Dr. Coussons – Robert Rand – Dr. McCunney – Mark Werner – Presentations and Q & A

BCCRWE is reissuing this press release to bring to your attention the following:

Shirley Wind (Brown County, WI) has received global attention following the October 14, 2014, declaration by the Brown County Board of Health that Duke Energy’s eight 2.5-MW wind turbines are a human health hazard– a declaration that has not been rescinded.

A special joint meeting of the Brown County Human Services Committee and Board of Health was held on September 12, 2017, at which four guest speakers gave presentations, followed by two hours of challenging and constructive questions from county officials (see questions here [5]). The speakers included:

The presentations by Dr. Coussons and Robert Rand focused on the science, on their personal expertise, and on what wind turbine residents have taught us about adverse health effects resulting from wind turbine emissions. Their goal is to protect public health, including the health of residents at Shirley Wind, by sharing with county officials why they have concluded that industrial wind turbines sited in proximity to human populations can cause adverse health effects.

Neither Dr. Coussons nor Robert Rand received any compensation for speaking at this meeting, whereas, when pressed, Dr. McCunney admitted on stage that he was paid by Duke Energy (owner of Shirley Wind) to speak at this meeting. Dr. McCunney has also co-authored literature reviews in 2009 and 2014 that were each funded by the American Wind Energy Association and/or the Canadian Wind Energy Association. He has also testified on behalf of wind interests in numerous court cases or wind project permitting proceedings in the US and other countries.

The central focus of Dr. McCunney’s presentation was the Health Canada study, which he knows, or should have known, cannot be applied to Shirley Wind. Health Canada and its lead researcher, Dr. David Michaud, have made it clear in public papers and statements that:

Dr. McCunney did not disclose these limitations in his presentation, potentially leaving the impression that the Health Canada study is applicable to Shirley Wind, which it is not.

In summary, the meeting demonstrated that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that wind turbines pose public health risks, and that it is time for Wisconsin and Brown County health authorities to formally acknowledge this, so that the discussion will move forward to correct the harm that wind turbines have caused.

Watch it at: [6] … and don’t miss the critically important Q & A session, paying special attention to each question asked and how, or if, it is answered.

A repository of additional information related to this meeting will be developed over time and can be accessed at: [4]

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