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Wind energy scam

I attended the PUC meeting in Clark Wednesday on the Crocker Wind Farm. The developer that mixed up the Kool Aid for the proponents did a great job.

Studying this wind energy scam for seven years, I have seen how the developers give them all the same coaching for their speeches. What affected me the most was sad.

I have never been to the “Crocker Hills,” but it sounds like a beautiful place, and I will visit this wonder of God’s creation before 200 wind turbines destroy it forever.

The proponents stressed how they are third or fourth generation farmers, how elated they are that after decades of struggles in agriculture, including low farm prices and weather problems, their Savior the “Crocker Wind Farm” is going to insure their financial future. It will revitalize Main Street, provide new jobs, millions in taxes to the school and county, it will save them from their plight and suffering all these years on the farm that Great Grampa (who survived the Depression and lived most of his life without electricity) worked so hard for.

Junior thinks he can do whatever he wants with the land (he should read his lease that took away his full bundle of rights for 55 years). Great Grampa is watching his heirs stand in line for the Savior, the “Crocker Wind Farm” that may cost $600 MILLION, will emit more carbon emissions in its construction than it will ever reduce, is less than 40 percent efficient, will be owned by foreign or multinational corporations, paid for with $400 million in PTC subsidies from a government that is $20 trillion in debt.

I wonder what Great Grampa would be thinking when you dig that first big hole and dump in 60 loads of concrete. He would be appalled.

Gregg Hubner

Avon, S.D.