September 20, 2017
Letters, New York

Apex can’t buy love

MAILBAG: Apex can't buy love | Lockport Union-Sun & Journal | Sep 19, 2017 |

The citizens’ battle against Apex’s industrial wind turbines scored another victory last week: The two Yates candidates who oppose Apex’s Lighthouse Wind project won handily over the one pro-wind candidate in the Republican primary. It is yet another sign that all the monies coming from Apex in an attempt to buy community approval here have yet to yield any results for them. Free hot dogs, fireworks and county fair sponsorships cannot disguise an unpopular project. Residents here are educated on the issues, and are keenly aware of the environmental, health and property value concerns, as well as the state’s misuse of tax- and ratepayers’ monies. Apex’s proposal for highest-ever industrial wind turbines on land has been clearly rejected once again.

The Orleans County Town of Yates and the Niagara County Town of Somerset stand united in their opposition to the continuing onslaught of this wind developer. Since our residents have lost the right to vote on this project – thanks to 2011 state legislation called Article 10 – we will continue to voice our objection in the ways that are still available to us. Primary Election 2017 voting was another clear signal to Apex: “Go Home!”

Christine Bronson

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