September 5, 2017
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Reader has more windfarm concerns

The Paper | September 05, 2017 |

Montgomery County, Indiana has a high pressure ammonia pipeline that passes through it. We have the responsibility to let the owner of this pipeline do all it needs to do keep this monitored and maintained well, to keep citizens of the county safe.

NuStar is the owner of the local pipeline. They monitor this biweekly by airplane to ensure nothing is interfering or potentially causing problems with the pipeline.

The seismic noise, ground vibration, of a 12 MW wind farm can be detected 6.2 miles according the Canadian Hazards Information Service, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada study. The proposed wind farm for Madison and Sugar Creek Townships (there is also an additional wind farm in the works) is 200MW with an additional 200MW to be added. If a little 12MW wind farm can be detected 6.2 miles away, how far can the impact of a 200-400MW wind farm reach? I would like to know if this ground vibration or seismic noise could possibly affect the high pressure ammonia pipeline that cuts through the middle of the proposed wind farm. Can constant vibration damage the high pressure pipeline in anyway that could cause a leak or explosion?

I would like to know what the county is doing to ensure the wind farms will not interfere with air patrol. Wind turbines are within the range at which this air patrol flies.

Please also investigate that vibrations caused by a mega wind farm will not affect the soundness of the existing high pressure ammonia pipeline that already is here, and the safety of all citizens whom reside, work and drive close to it.


Rich Watkins

Linden, IN

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