July 3, 2017
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Regulators call for priority dispatch of existing renewables to be removed

Brussels, 11 May 2017 — ceer.eu

Today Energy Regulators (ACER and CEER), in their White Paper on Renewables in the Wholesale Market , called for EU legislators to bring Renewable Energy Sources (RES) fully into the mar ket in the clean energy transition.

Regulators recommend 3 changes to the European Commission’s Clean Energy proposals.

Alberto Pototschnig, ACER Director, remarked that:

“As European Energy Regulators, we believe that the Clean Energy Package should ensure that, when it comes to participation in the market, all technologies compete on a level playing field. This requires market-based dispatching of all resources.”

Lord Mogg, Chair of ACER Board of Regulators and CEER President added:

“Regulators support the Clean Energy efforts to make renewables central to the market and to allow consumers be prosumers. The integration of renewables must be fair and cost-efficient and with out cross subsidisation between renewable self-generators and other consumers.”

RES White Paper is the first in series of Regulatory White Papers

This Renewables White Paper is the first in a series of the European Energy Regulators’ White Papers on the Clean Energy proposals covering wholesale, network and consumer issues . These White Papers build on the “ European Energy Regulators’ Overview Paper-Initial Reactions to the European Commission’s Proposals on Clean Energy”, published by CEER and ACER on 23 January.

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