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With turbines, assets could be gone with wind

Why should the wind companies be allowed to jeopardize our greatest assets?

Please note the eye-popping, downright chilling, excerpts from the minutes of the Chautauqua County Planning Board from the Nov. 10, 2015, meeting, regarding the Arkwright Summit wind farm project and Dunkirk airport. (You can find the entire minutes and report online.)

Wind company rep – “Relocation could potentially kill the project … Re-engineering costs money, as does delays.”

George Spanos, county Department of Public Facility director – “I may have misunderstood, but you had the determination of hazard on the towers for some time now, yet you continued to move ahead”.

Rep – “The towers will increase the circling heights needed for Cat D aircraft”

Lou Nalbone, Dunkirk aviation – “This airport, with its recent runway construction, was designed with the intent of lowering the descent altitude to 250 feet to allow precision landing. The turbines tower over the airport are potential obstacles; any missteps by the pilots could be devastating. The bottom line is the county made a significant investment in this airport recently, and it is now potentially jeopardizing that investment.”

John Frey, county Planning Board – “The county comprehensive plan has a number of other projects in this particular area, like ATVs,equestrian trails, etc. Is there an impact on any of those projects?”

Mark Geise, formerly of county Planning Department – “Of course there will be impacts.”

Sadly, EDPR placed turbines within viewshed of the ponds and lean-tos, in spite of Mr. Geise’s adamant plea not to do this. (See shadow flicker analysis below).

¯ Our county leaders recently announced we have a buyer for the Cockaigne Ski Resort! Such wonderful news – it was beloved by locals, out-of-state residents and school clubs.

The buyers have stated they would like to expand the resort, include the Grainery, perhaps build condos or a hotel,and are even considering making it a year round venue.

Unbelievably, EverPower /Cassadaga Wind plans on placing 10 500-foot turbines on the hillside directly in front of the slopes. Would you choose to ski at a resort with 10 skyscraper sized turbines-spinning/ flickering by day and flashing red strobe lights at night in your face as you navigate the slopes? They are disorienting and potentially dangerous This will create an industrialized unwelcoming, and distracting landscape, with possible noise issues for those seeking nature’s retreat.

¯ Shadow Flicker Analysis by Everpower on Recreational Trails: The Earl Cardot East Overland, Equestrian, Snowmobile and Boutwell State Forest will experience Flicker, especially dangerous for horses and riders. Please view you tube videos of wind turbine shadow flicker- no small thing. Also the turbines proximity to trails has the potential for blade/ice throw injuries.

¯ EverPower is selling the electric out of state. New York won’t even benefit from the RECs – renewable energy credits. Those credits won’t count towards New York’s Clean Energy Standard.

¯ The New York state Historic Preservation Office declared the Cassadaga Wind Project will have an adverse effect on cultural resources and will forever alter and change our rural setting.

We have so much to lose for little if any gain. New York state electric bills are already reflecting increased rates due to inefficient industrial scale renewables, that ironically keep us natural gas dependent, thus fail to make meaningful reductions in CO2 levels. This ill-conceived and short-sighted wind project should not be approved, it would clearly be a detriment to our community.

You can submit comments to The state Department of Public Service regarding the Cassadaga Wind Project-Case 14-F-0490.

Joni Riggle is a Sinclairville resident.