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Deeper setbacks needed for wind turbines

I wonder if any of you on the editorial board would like to live near a wind turbine which produces noise which can be heard inside your home over a radio or TV, flicker caused by turning blades, loss of property values, health issues, danger from stray voltage, shearing blades or turbines catching fire. Would you like a company to infringe on your property without permission or compensation? Should this change in setbacks occur, it would allow wind companies to use some of my property without my permission, I would not be able to plant a tree, build a building or add on to my home (trespass zoning).

Ohio does not have the most stringent setbacks. Indiana, Michigan and Illinois have more. Economics presented by wind companies are based on a 30-year life span. Independent engineers state 20 years or less. Wind is not reliable.

Few long term jobs can be found in our county from wind and those who work come from out-of-state.

It is certainly not a mistake to make setbacks larger and protect property rights and health of Ohio’s rural citizens. Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not in your backyard!

Jeannine Roediger,

Van Wert