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Apex Energy suspends its wind farm plans; Hotly-contested project put on hold “indefinitely”

There’s joy in Mudville tonight!

Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition (CMPC) received word late last week that Apex Energy has announced it has suspended its proposed Crab Orchard Wind Turbine project indefinitely.

“Based on current market conditions and the project’s fundamental qualities, “ we have decided not to make this significant investment at this time,” Apex said in a statement.

“Our work on the Crab Orchard Wind project will be therefore suspended until market conditions change to make the project more competitive.”

The mass majority of Fairfield Glade residents sincerely hope that this will be the end of Apex’s attempts to develop this property permanently and are pleased that they reached this decision.

“For now, Fairfield Glade and surrounding residents can sleep easier knowing that this project is not moving forward and our community we love and cherish will not be decimated by the construction of these Wind Turbines on our Cumberland Mountains,” CMPC said.

This battle that started over a year ago could have been totally avoided had our Mayor and Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce been more forthcoming and allowed this project to be fully vetted by our community to determine whether this would have been good for Cumberland County and its residents.

Instead, what was done divided the community and caused massive spending of capital and resources in an effort to stop the project, said CMPC.

“By taking our cause to Nashville, we hope they have learned a lesson and will be more transparent in the future,” said a CMPC spokesperson. “This proposed project would had a significant (negative) impact on our community.

“The Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition and wished to thank all who worked and supported the movement to fight this – and especially to The Vista who allowed the silent majority to be heard.”