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Controversy swirls around proposed wind turbine regulations

Controversy swirls around new proposed regulations for Vermont wind farms.

The rule would set stricter limits on how much noise turbines could generate surrounding nearby homes.

Members of the public service board, who wrote the proposed rules, say the new standards are lower than they would be for pure health reasons to account for levels that can be annoying.

Those on both sides of the debate say the rules have substantial shortcomings.

Big wind opponents say the standards aren’t tough enough, but renewable energy advocates say standards would essentially stop all wind development.

“Which frankly, without wind, I’m not aware of any scenario of data under which that goal can be achieved,” said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Renewable Energy of Vermont.

“The rule will create an environment where the wind industry will need to do better community outreach and work with neighbors. For that, we thank the public service board and the Legislature and ask that you adopt the rule,” said Annette Smith, Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

The lawmakers deciding the fate of the rules are only supposed to consider if the proper process was followed, not whether they favor the proposed regulation.

They did not reach a decision Thursday, that’s expected to come later this month [NWW note: June 22].