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Commissioners not representing the majority

As of May 24, it is abundantly clear that Henry County has three Commissioners who are not representing the majority of their people. They proudly exhibit their personal dedication to promoting anything “wind” in the County, and seem to have a renewed resolve to cover the County with these monstrosities.

Where are the people they represent? Who are the people they represent?

We noticed they like to be represented anonymously, as their advocate stated at the May 24 PC Meeting.

One thing for sure. They are not the hundreds of people who take time out of their personal lives to attend meetings at the Courthouse. Probably a hundred people attended last night, and practically begged the Commissioners to table the request to extend another wind agreement … an agreement that doesn’t expire until Dec. 31!

But congratulations, Henry County. Your Commissioners decided to proactively accelerate that decision by seven months, and extend that agreement right now in order to please another wind company. After all, that is the goal. Approve anything “wind,” no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary. It doesn’t matter that Federal tax credits regarding energy might be in jeopardy, that the WECS Ordinance does not adequately protect the people, that these wind companies are in litigation in other counties and could fold overnight and leave Henry County holding the bag, that the Planning Commission has a “tabled” decision on the calendar, that the people of this County, approximately 48,000 of them, might be adversely affected by such decisions, or that families who have held land for more than four generations are thinking, “Why stay?” Even their ancestors would not expect them to live in an industrial zone.

Your County Commissioners may not be on any official payrolls for wind companies, but it sure seems like they are doing an exemplary job of doing everything they can to please about 100 landowners who have signed wind leases and any wind company who walks across the County line.

Make no mistake.

It’s not about the number of voices they hear with concerns for the future of the County. What really matters is the number of acres you own.

Thank you, Mr. Commissioners, for breaking the heart of your County, and the hearts of the very people who elected YOU to represent them.

Do not fool yourselves. You are not representing the people.

You are representing greed.