May 30, 2017
Letters, Maine

Wind project might not be for the birds

Letter to the editor: Wind project might not be for the birds | Portland Press Herald | May 28 |

After reading your April 30 editorial (puff piece) about “hundreds of millions in investment” and “hundreds of high paying jobs” from a proposed wind energy test site, it’s obvious you didn’t think about the negative impact of such a project.

Although I don’t live on Monhegan Island, I view it from Pemaquid Light regularly and consume the seafood produced there. I am very concerned about this project.

The project will ban all types of fishing in the immediate area for a minimum of two square miles just for the footprint – plus the undersea areas around the power lines that will also be off-limits to fishing. Further, the electric current generates its own external, unseen but not unfelt eddy currents and magnetic fields that may damage the fish and lobster and other shellfish. How many miles from the project to the mainland: 12 to 20. So it’s not just 2 square miles that are affected.

Many fishing villages here will be negatively affected. Pemaquid Harbor, New Harbor, Round Pond and Monhegan itself are just a few. In addition, many fishermen (draggers, netters and ground fishers) are in this coastal area. We risk losing hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars in income to the area when supporting industries and downstream jobs are considered.

The impact on wildlife flying into these giant propellers (sometimes referred to as “bird blenders”) is significant – affecting gulls, eagles, puffins, terns and scores of migrating species. These kill figures are available from the government, and they amply demonstrate the carnage to be expected.

The Portland Press Herald should revisit this project in light of the fact that “all is not gold that glitters” and give a more fair and balanced view of its impact. It is not as benign as you make it appear!

George R. MacKinnon

New Harbor

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