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Wind decisions should be based on science and math

On page 9 of the March 19, 2017 Courier-Times, there was a half page ad of a little girl and a wind turbine. It looked like a peaceful country scene. Perhaps that was not an industrial wind turbine in the ad. As a parent, I would not want her anywhere near it. A wind turbine manufacturer would not want her anywhere near it as stated in a Vestas safety instruction manual. Additionally, back in 2006, the manual for the V90 model advised workers not stay within a radius of 1,300 feet.

And yet, we had a wind ordinance committee vote to recommend a setback of 1,250 feet from a non-participating landowner. Why would four of the six members do such a thing? How did they arrive at 1,250 feet? Did they consult experts related to wind turbines? Did they refer to safety instruction manuals? It would not appear so.

With industrial wind turbines reaching 500 and 600 feet tall, we really need to research and make decisions based on science and math, not the wishes of developers and land owners who want these.


Ann Wilson

New Castle