May 10, 2017

Airport board discusses wind farm placement, potential surveillance system

By Joseph Hopper, Daily Reporter Staff | Monday, May 8, 2017 |

The Spencer Airport Board of Trustees met on Monday afternoon and discussed potential issues regarding a planned wind farm in Clay County with Clay County Board of Supervisors Chairman Burlin Matthews during their regular session. The main issues discussed were around aerial application and whether or not planned turbines would be penetrating airspace.

“They did the (turbine) placements, I think last Monday or Tuesday with the (land) owners and I have not seen those. I have learned because I was down to the Franklin County place and talked to Alliant Energy, I asked very specifically about spraying around (wind turbines), and watched them shut one of the towers down. 10 seconds to stop. They said that if the co-op or whoever is in charge of spraying will let them know that they’re going to have spray planes in the area, we will shut all the towers down and turn the blades so that they can spray besides them,” Matthews said. “I know one of the things we said from a county perspective is that we need lights on.”

“I would like to ask someone officially to check that they aren’t penetrating our airspace,” Airport Board of Trustees Chairman Tim Steffen said.

After further discussion it was noted that the board would check to make sure that airspace would not be penetrated by planned wind turbines.

During the meeting the board also received information regarding options for a possible surveillance system at the airport, as well as the current status of the 2017 Rehabilitate Terminal Apron Pavement Project. No action was taken regarding the pavement project, and future developments regarding either the pavement project or the potential surveillance system would be discussed along with any potential action at a future meeting.

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