April 28, 2017

Farmer attempts to end life

Special Correspondent | The Hindu | April 28, 2017 | www.thehindu.com

A farmer attempted to immolate himself on the Collectorate premises here on Thursday.

Balamurugan of South Vaagaikulam near Maanur said a windmill firm, which was installing wind turbine generator, had formed a road via his farm after damaging the fence without getting his consent. He was allegedly threatened by goons hired by the firm and he could not enter his farm due to the presence of these goons.

“When I filed a complaint with the Maanur police seeking action against the windmill firm, the police threatened me of dire consequences and compelled me to withdraw the complaint. Later, they threatened me that I would be arrested based on a fake complaint preferred by one of the goons. So I decided to end my life,” he said.

However, the police overpowered and picked him up for interrogation. He was allowed to submit his petition in the Collector’s office.

“After a farm at Irukkanthurai near Koodankulam, which is owned by a youth from Kanniyakumari district, was damaged in a similar fashion a couple of years ago, he sought compensation from the windmill [firm]. When the windmill owners threatened him with the help of its goons, the youth, who managed to mobilise his friends, forced the [firm] to regret for what it did. Finally, the damaged fence was re-erected besides giving relief. This is being done across the district by a few windmill companies,” said a Special Branch constable, who had served in Valliyoor sub-division that houses a few thousand windmills.

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