April 8, 2017
Letters, South Dakota

Big wind is a big smokescreen

The Daily Republic | Apr 8, 2017 | www.mitchellrepublic.com

The AP reported in The Daily Republic in April of 2015 that there are up to 30,000 additional wind turbines being planned for Montana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota. As of that time, there were about 8,600 wind turbines in these states.

As of this writing, there are 35 proposed industrial wind projects in South Dakota, in addition to the 13 that are already here. In one of Prevailing Winds brochures they talked about 100 towers on approximately 36,000 acres of land.

Using that ratio, 38,600 towers would cover 14 million acres of pristine rural landscape destroyed by industrial wind energy projects. Not to mention the reduction in the quality of life for all of the residents that would live within these 14 million acres.

In the Minneapolis Star Tribune March 16, 2017, it said: “Xcel, already the nation’s largest wind-producing utility, has been on a wind spree of late, taking full advantage of federal tax credits for wind power before they are phased out.”

In 2014 Warren Buffet said “The only reason to build wind farms is for the production tax credit.” Having studied this taxpayer scam since 2010, I conclude that the “economic development, local jobs, money for the schools and counties” is just Big Wind’s smokescreen to get people on board.

They made all kinds of promises to Tripp, which could be losing its school and can’t even keep a grocery store open. The real reason they build them is for the production tax credit. They get the taxpayer money and we live in a 14 million acre junkyard.

Right now residents in Bon Homme, Charles Mix, Lincoln, Deuel, Clark, Grant, Brown, Brookings, Campbell, Meade, and Sanborn counties are fighting in opposition to this destruction of rural living in our state. Where are the environmentalists, the Department of Game, Fish and Parks, wildlife enthusiasts, the county officials, and where is the media? Instead of “Great Faces Great Places” it will be “Wind turbines ruined the wide open spaces.” (So the rich could get a tax break).

Gregg Hubner


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