April 1, 2017
Letters, Maryland

Wind farms idea

Ocean City Today | 03/31/2017 | www.oceancitytoday.net

I live in West Ocean City and own a condo in town. I have serious concerns about the effect the proposed wind farms will have on my quality of life.

What I’ll see when I look out at the ocean from my second-floor balcony? I enjoy the view of the unspoiled natural horizon, as do all of our residents and tourists. It’s one of the few places left in our crowded world where one can escape the man-made clutter that surrounds us.

That view is good for the soul, and good for business. It’s what makes OC special.

I understand that the wind companies say that these giant windmills will only protrude above the horizon in a way that’s equivalent of the height of my thumbnail held at arm’s length.

I suppose that’s if the viewer is at sea level that may be true. At sea level, the horizon is only about three miles away. But what will I see from my second-floor balcony? From the dunes in front of my condo? How much of these huge towers will be visible for those on the higher floors?

My back-of-the-envelope calculations tell me that how much we see will dramatically increase as one goes up. From many condo and hotel rooms, the entire structures could be visible, and instead of a thumbnail they will stand out like the proverbial sore thumbs.

I work as an environmental consultant, and I’m disheartened that I’m going to have a visible reminder that these bird-killing machines are placed smack dab in the Atlantic Migratory Flyway.

Right now, solar farms are being permitted all over the Shore. These installations do not harm the environment and do not require subsidies. Why do we want to clutter up the ocean when there is a clear alternative?

I understand that these companies are subsidiaries of an Italian company. Since this project can’t happen without being subsidized by taxes and rate increases, I question how it makes sense for our money to be taken from us and sent to Italy. How is this a good idea?

In the time that this venture was first proposed many years ago, there have been vast changes in the energy market. Not only is the cost of solar coming down, we now have an abundance of clean-burning natural gas. The infrastructure is mostly in place bringing natural gas to the resort. No subsidies required.

This is a project for the last century. I’m not sure it was ever a good idea, but it’s a worse one now. Every other coastal community on the Eastern Seaboard has rejected these eyesores off their coasts. We should reject them as well.

Spencer Rowe

West Ocean City

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