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Stewartry restaurant boss claims windturbine lorries are ruining her business by blocking Shawhead layby

A restaurant boss is being driven to despair by lorries transporting wind turbines along the A75.

Joanne Banks, who runs Diner 75 in a layby near Shawhead, claims she is losing out on business because the trucks have been blocking her access road.

Lorries transporting the turbines have been parking up “for hours at a time”.

And that prevents Diner 75 staff and customers from using the access.

Miss Banks told the News: “I’ve had these lorries blocking the layby four hours at a time at least three times a week for the last six months.

“It’s blocking anyone from getting into the diner and it’s hit my business hard.

“Some days staff haven’t even been able to get in to open up because these lorries are blocking the way.”

Joanne Banks fears she may have to close Diner 75 due to the impact of lorries blocking the layby.

Miss Banks, 47, has been running the business for two years but fears she may have to close the doors unless the situation is resolved.

“I’m going bankrupt because of this. I’ve had to let a member of staff go as well,” she added.

“I’ve lost my morning regulars because they can’t get in. I’m at my wits’ end.”

According to Miss Banks a haulage firm is paying a landowner to use the layby.

But she insists that the ownership of the access road is unknown.

Miss Banks, who lives in Castle Douglas, said: “I asked the council who owns it and they said they didn’t know.

“I’m meeting my solicitor this week to discuss it but it shouldn’t have got this far. It’s been going on for six months I’m thousands of pounds down. I’ve been ruined.”

A spokesperson for Scotland TranServ, which is responsible for the A75, said: “We are investigating the status of the layby and the title position. We will keep the diner owner updated.”