February 23, 2017
Letters, Ontario

Let’s find out the truth

Wallaceburg Courier Press | February 23, 2017 | www.wallaceburgcourierpress.com

In my opinion, from a Municipality’s point of view the construction of wind energy would seem attractive, both from a tax benefit and possibly from job creation. However, these benefits should not trump or take precedence over ground water quality.

How come transparency, truth and common sense do not come before money? We as taxpaying citizens who contribute responsibly to our community trust that all government levels and agencies that we all employ with our tax money seem to have gone quiet or deflect any real action. As businesses and residents of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, we have to act responsibly and comply with environmental regulations, why is there an exception being made for the wind turbine project.

This wind turbine project has brought forth a negative impact on ground water in Dover. The North Kent 1 and Otter Creek projects have similar water well levels from where we draw our clean drinking water and the construction and operation of these turbines, disrupting the aquifer and creating unsafe water. Those who are receiving the money benefits say this is not true yet the citizens of this township who are using the water say that it has been ruined. Let’s all stop for a minute before we go any further with construction of more turbines and find out the truth. A community without clean drinking water isn’t much of a community at all. Let’s all work together and let common sense and truth move us forward.

If the Canadian Wind Energy Association promotes clean water as they state on their website, then why doesn’t the Canadian Wind Association fund the research into why two of their wind farms built in Dover caused contaminated groundwater?

If you have any concerns and support finding out the truth, please contact the municipality of Chatham-Kent, the Otter Creek office, Dr. Dianne Saxe, Ontario Environmental Commissioner and the Ontario Ombudsman, MOECC Minister Glen Murray and Premier Wynne to voice your opinion.

David Crombey

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