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The boondoggle of wind energy

The Federal Joint Committee on Taxation estimates the total cost of the wind production tax credit in the years 2016-2020 will be $23.7 billion. And who gets this money? Developers/owners (including Warren Buffet and foreign corporations) of wind farms.

And who pays this $23.7 billion? You and me. In The Daily Republic I read that the White Lake School District “eyes renewal of $150,000 opt out.” I also read “Tripp Delmont School Board vice president said the community support was crucial to saving district.” What do these two school districts have in common? They both have industrial wind farms.

White Lake has the biggest on in the state, 108 towers, and Tripp has the Beethoven project, 43 towers. What else do they have in common? Both communities were duped by the wind farm developers and told the wind farm was going to put their schools at an advantage if they would just build it.

The other day at the junction of Interstate 90 and 281, I ran into a bunch of these wind towers coming down the road. I asked the driver of the pilot car (from New York) where they were going (to Kansas). Not only do we pay the billions in taxes, we pay to fix our roads as they haul these giant pieces of boondoggle across our state. And then when we turn on the radio we hear U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (who receives campaign money from Warren Buffet and Nextera Energy) advocating for more of this nonsense when several counties in his own state are fighting them.

Wind energy is a big taxpayer scam. There is no reason to build them than for the production tax credit. It ruins the lives of many to make a few people richer.

Gregg Hubner