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Senator Dow Submits Legislation to ‘Protect Monhegan Island’

AUGUSTA – Senator Dana Dow (R-Lincoln) has submitted legislation to protect the heritage of Maine’s iconic Monhegan Island, which has long been known as a place of rugged beauty, free from commercial development and the distractions of modern life.

LR 1613, “An Act To Protect Monhegan Island,” would prohibit the placement of a wind energy test area – with turbines forecasted to be 585 feet tall – within 10 miles of the Monhegan Lobster Conservation Area. This measure is critical to safeguard the area’s legacy and is necessary to protect the population of migratory birds that use the island as an important landfall along the North Atlantic Flyway.

Senator Dow feels that this legislation is necessary to protect the area’s economy and culture, as many of America’s foremost artists regularly visit the island, along with a large number of seasonal residents and visitors, to enjoy a simpler way of life that is only possible on this remote island miles off the shore of Maine.

He said, “Mainers would never allow a massive wind turbine experiment to be placed within a short distance from the top of Mount Katahdin or near the shores of Acadia National Park, because these are special places and so is Monhegan Island.

“Having said this, I firmly believe that the final decision rests with the permanent residents of the island who need to determine the merits of this bill. I believe the need is to finally settle this issue so that outside interests will know whether they can build this project or move onto a different area. I will be available to Monhegan residents to help resolve this issue.”