February 6, 2017

Planning Assessment Commission considers Bialla Wind Farm proposal at Crookwell public meeting

Bronwyn Haynes | 6 Feb 2017 | www.crookwellgazette.com.au

Neighbouring property owners to the Bialla Wind Farm as well as the general public say they are worried about the impacts the farm will have on the region.

Nine of 10 speakers at a public meeting held in Crookwell last Thursday were opposed to the project.

At the meeting, the Planning Assessment Commission was considering the proposal, which has been recommended for approval by the Department of Planning and Environment.

The proposed site is less than eight kilometres from two existing wind farms. Several locals who oppose the project have said there has been less resistance to the Bialla Wind Farm because residents have tired of trying to fight such projects in the district.

Crookwell farmer and former Upper Lachlan Shire councillor Malcolm Barlow said the structures were much higher than other existing ones in the district.

The closest adjoining neighbours to the proposed site, Jennifer and Ken Hewitt, said they were concerned the wind farm would impinge on their farming operations.

Mrs Hewitt said she was worried about the rise in traffic volumes in the area during its construction.

“We’re on both sides of the [Grabben Gullen] road, and we have to move the stock back and forth across the road to manage it,” she said.

Crookwell farmer and Australian Wind Alliance spokesman Charlie Prell said he could empathise with people’s concerns about the transmission line, but added he was confident the strict conditions being imposed on the wind farm would address all concerns about the turbines.

“There’s 47 conditions,” he said.

“They’re very, very comprehensive.

“I believe they address all of the concerns that have been raised by opponents to this and other wind farms, for that matter.

“The department has made some telling statements in relation to the landscape aspect of this wind farm.”

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