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He is not sold on energy from wind

I want to report that there was a major wind farm in Hawaii called, Kamaoa and other wind farms on the island. And in California there were three major wind farms located at Altamont Pass, Tehachapi, and San Gorgonio, and are considered to be the world’s best wind sites. All of these projects have ultimately been an environmental and economic disaster. And finally, a critical review is needed of the use of wind turbines in Denmark and Germany.

Denmark is having substantial financial problems because the wind is not steady and predictable. And Germany is going to abandon its $1.1 trillion wind power program by 2019 because they found that it hasn’t achieved the goal of actually reducing CO2 emissions and there has been no cost savings.

In spite of these failures and problems, I sincerely hope the problems can be solved and that wind turbines can be part of the mix to take us away from fossil fuels.

But based on past experience, I am worried that the Block Island Wind Turbine project will become another boondoggle and an environmental problem. I don’t think that anyone has really looked at this project with a critical eye toward solving the problems which serious projects have encountered.

Dave Falvey