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Planning and Zoning Board to revisit proposed wind farm

The Lyon County Planning and Zoning Board will reconsider the proposed wind energy project near Reading Wednesday evening.

The board passed the measure along to the Lyon County Commission by a 6-1 vote during a November meeting, adding two items to their recommendation.

RES Americas, the developer, must request an extension if construction hasn’t started by the end of 2018.

The wind turbines will be placed 1,640 feet away from any existing property line.

It is the second recommendation on which commissioners requested to see more clear reasoning.

“We’re going to revisit the motion and get more clarification or reasoning from the board on what they made the motion on – if they want to re-submit it with reasoning or re-word it with new reasoning,” planning and zoning director Sam Seeley, said.

According to Seeley, the recommendation regarding property lines is separate from the occupied residency setback.

“The occupied residency setback is 1,640 feet,” Seeley said. “RES Americas wants that, that’s what they think is the best thing to do. Right now – in our regulations – it is at 1,000 (feet). We’re OK with that, but we would increase that setback.

“Now on the project boundary line, that’s where the conflict is. (RES Americas) is saying they want to have it at 750 (feet) from any project boundary line. So any project property line there’s a non-leased property, it would need to be 1,640 feet away from that line – referred to as a 1,000-foot control zone.”

The length of the property line regulation affects which land will be usable for the wind energy project.

Seeley said any decision the board makes considers different aspects than one made by the county commissioners.

“We’re not voting on whether or not this is a good idea,” he said. “We’re not considering if this will make money for anyone or if it will make money for the county, that’s not our concern. Our concern is what’s in the regulations, what’s allowed and what will fit in that area.”

Seeley also said the decision concerning whether the meeting will include a section for public comment is up to the chair of the board, but comments made during the November meeting are kept in the record.

Wednesday’s meeting is at 7 p.m. in the Lyon County Annex, 402 Commercial St.