December 2, 2016

Reading wind farm decision postponed

By John Robinson | The Emporia Gazette | December 1, 2016 |

The vote on the proposed Reading wind farm by the Lyon County Commission was postponed on Thursday.

The Lyon County Commission voted to send the proposal for a conditional use permit back to the Lyon County Planning and Appeals Board. Commissioners voted to give the planning board 45 days to re-examine and research the setback rules requiring the wind turbines be placed 1,640 feet from any property line.

“I think we need to go back and re-establish … and research the setbacks,” Commissioner Rollie Martin said. “There’s two setbacks; there’s one for residents and there is one for property lines and I believe the one for property lines was put in without enough research or education or facts to allow us to move forward.

“Until we have all those – or the planning board reconsiders this – and becomes more educational to us and makes their recommendation in 45 days, I think we need the time to re-evaluate what this is going to do and if we’re actually going to do it.”

A full story on the meeting will be in Friday’s Gazette.

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