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The ‘what if ’ of wind turbines

There are so many “what if” questions that need addressesd about the planned Hardin County wind turbines. Here are a few:

• What if the wind turbines were erected under the guise of economic development but were instead detrimental to surrounding property values?

• What if we have retarded any future residential growth in 25 percent of our county, making it undesirable to live there?

• What if the non-participating property owners can never get their investment back out of their properties?

• What if by declaring Hardin County an Alternative Energy Zone, the county will receive only $2 million dollars in tax revenue?

• What if the county has been cheated b our own commissioners, and without the AEZ, the county would have received $21 million?

• What if the very idea of private property was fundamentally undermined by the wind corporations?

• What if those who own the most private property, (ie-the farmers) have entered into a lease agreement which actually undermines their own private property rights?

• What if my neighbors could now use my property to their own advantage?

• What if in the future, because of this precedent, I could then use their properties for my benefit without their consent?

• What if these unsightly and property-devaluing turbines are being built here to power the rich, elitists of the East who would not permit them ruining their sun sets and sunrises?

• What if in the name of saving the environment by erecting wind turbines they actually harm it?

• What if the wind corporations were asking the Ohio Power Siting Board to be excluded from the very regulations which exist to protect the environment and wildlife?

• What if the wind corporations did not follow O.P.S.B.’s regulations in Logan County and that is why they had to eliminate over 200 turbines?

What if …

Ed Rogers, Kenton