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On Oct. 27, 2016, I attended a so-called informational event advertised (to the public) by the industrial wind developer, Vermont Environmental Research Associates (VERA), in collusion with local land owner, Brian Champney, at the Holland school.

It was a disgraceful presentation. A woman from Morgan posed some questions to a sloppily dressed rep from VERA concerning the negligible effects wind turbines have on climate change. The Morgan woman was immediately surrounded by three females from the Champney family, including Kim Champney the wife of the landowner, who began screaming at the Morgan woman and pointing fingers in her face.

Kim Champney screamed that the Morgan woman had no right to be at the public event because it was only for supporters of their wind project. A gentleman stepped in to allow the Morgan woman to escape the three bullies and they continued to scream and jeer at her as she moved to the door.

Then the bullies began clapping as she left with the gentleman who escorted her to her car to prevent her from being assaulted by members of the Champney family in the school parking lot.

So much for a public informational meeting! And since when has the Holland school become a hall for abusive gangs? I sincerely hope the officials in Holland will require the Champneys to pay for a police presence (in the hall and the parking lot) to protect the public (from the Champney’s) during any meeting or event initiated or attended by the Champney gang.

As for bullies, let’s not forget Martha Staskus, the head of VERA, who attended the Holland event and did nothing to intervene in their client’s disgusting attack. Remember, please, that Staskus is associated with notorious wind developer, David Blittersdorf, who has a reputation for abusing VT communities and citizens.

He has been fined for doing so at his Georgia Mountain wind disaster and is under investigation for his rotten doings in Irasburg. Not to be outdone is another vile attack ad from the Minter campaign accusing Phil Scott of trying to “pave over Vermont” and “to develop Vermont’s farmland, forests and natural areas”.

This coming from the hypocrites who would sell Vermont to creatures like Blittersdorf who have vowed to pave over Vermont with junk wind turbines and useless giant solar arrays.

Of course we will not fail to notice that it was Blittersdorf who has contributed the funds needed for the “Conservation Voters” to produce this vile attack ad. It’s time to put an end to the bullying of Vermont citizens by abusers like Blittersdorf, Staskus, Minter and Champney.

Please vote for Phil Scott to put a stop to these bullies.

Jessie McIndoe

Island Pond, Vermont