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Don’t let them buy your vote

The New York Times reports that faced with Vermonters’ resistance to wind turbines, Iberdrola, the Spanish company that wants to put them up here, is offering payments to voters. The price differs by location – almost three times higher in Windham than in Grafton.

Could this be legal? It’s definitely not honorable.

We resist wind turbines because of noise pollution, destruction of rural views, and the chopping up of birds. Those turbines make zero economic sense, and are being put up to collect government payments. Plus, the government forces our local power companies to buy expensive electricity from turbine owners, and eventually those costs are passed down to us, raising our electric bills.

Can Iberdrola get the same sweet deal back home in Spain? Probably not, which is why they come here and try to grease their way with payments to voters. Please vote your conscience on November 8.

Alexander Elder