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Wind turbines cause higher tax rate

Despite my county board representative self-declaring himself not a felon for public theft, and the Macon County Board being sued for improperly approving the Twin Forks wind farm, I find it ironic that Macon County is assessing my house at a three percent higher rate to live within the wind farm. This is the same irony that will close the Clinton Power Station where I work because of these federally funded wind turbines that were lobbied as a means to lower my property taxes for schools.

The road to my house, Hampshire Road, has been transformed from a paved road to a dusty graveled road with wind farm traffic continuously running from sun up to sun down, even on weekends.

The wind turbines are being built to the north, south, east and west of my house. My former agriculturally zoned area is being transformed into an industrial area with blinking red lights to interrupt my nighttime solitude. My house is now at risk of being hit by ice shedding during ice storms. The wind turbines are planned to shadow flicker my house in the morning and evening sun with their blades.

Nobody would voluntarily live within the shadow of these 400-foot-tall, sub-sonic concussion wind turbines; yet, Macon County finds it reasonable to raise my assessed value as if they were providing a new “enhancement” of living within the shadow flicker of the wind turbines. Macon County has already unfairly burdened my household with the approval of these kinetic monsters as permanent unwanted neighbors.

Most of my neighbors live with the tyrannical threat of a personalized assessment by the Macon County auditor that will further raise their taxes if they complain. The Macon County Board conduct so far has justified their fears.

Kenneth Russell, Maroa