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Steel monsters

Several weeks ago Donna Bishop of Atlanta had a letter in the “Letter to the Editor” column regarding wind farms. I agree 100 percent with everything she had to say. She certainly did her homework. Too bad some of our elected officials don’t do theirs. As was pointed out in the letter – many communities are now realizing that a bad decision was made allowing these eye sores to be erected.

The people in Hartsburg-Emden area argued against them, to no avail. Folks in Mount Pulaski area also were opposed to no avail. If I remember correctly even the school board was opposed. And the only people that benefit from these steel monsters are the wind farm company and the landowners where these things are placed.

There was supposed to be such a large amount of monies coming into the County from the Hartsburg-Emden area wind farm so where is it all at? Did anybody’s electric rate or taxes go down? Why are our county road and bridges still in shape? Is renewable energy important? Yes it is, however wind farms are not the answer.

I have ofter wondered how many years these turbines have to spin in order to replace all the energy that was used to construct them, including all the fuel used in the equipment. What we have left is scaring of the landscape, destruction of wildlife habitat and disruption of bird migration. Among the different species of birds I recently observed were a pair of eagles. Then add in the property value decline that property owner’s face as a result of the erection of these monsters.

Wonder how many of these wind farms are owned by American companies? I’m sure the parent companies of a large majority are foreigh investors. They care about one thing and that is profit at the taxpayers expense. Too bad our government won’t hand out money t o smaller American owned businesses the way they do foreign investors.

I realize this letter is too late to have any impact on the latest wind farm to be built because they already waved those imaginary dollars in front of the Zoning and County Board and with blinders on, they approved everything.

To the many folks that like to drive out 5th Street by the large body of water and old “crooked barn” to enjoy and take pictures of the many different species of birds-guess what, you can soon go there to collect feathers for your pillows or mattress. I repeat again, the only people that benefit from these steel monsters are the wind farm companies and the landowners in which these steel monsters sit on.

Bill Melton

Lincoln, Illinois