October 3, 2016
Letters, Ohio

Concerned about wind turbines

The Advertiser-Tribune | October 1, 2016 | www.advertiser-tribune.com

This letter concerns Apex Clean Energy and the building of wind turbines in Seneca County and the surrounding area.

I was invited by ACE to attend an introductional meeting Tuesday.

They are trying very hard to convince landowners to lease to them. Money, of course, being the big incentive. One speaker stated checks could be arriving in the mail for the next 40 years. Forty years?! Earlier, a different speaker stated the life of a wind turbine is 20 years.

Chances are, in 20-40 years, wind turbines will be obsolete. Then what? Do you think ACE will be around to clean up the mess? Could the cost of cleanup fall on the landowner?

I want clean air as much as everyone else. But I believe newer, less-invasive technology soon will be found.

If you are concerned about ACE building in Seneca County, you can voice your opinion by writing to the Ohio Power Sitting Board, 180 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43215

Don’t wait, they said they are applying for a permit in the next week.

Carol Burkholder,


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