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Four years of misery caused by Hoosac Wind

For the third night in a row, I can hear Hoosac Wind from inside our home. Saturday evening, after spending a day on the river, we decided to cook dinner on a fire in the backyard. The noise from the turbines was hard to ignore and the experience wasn’t enjoyable as it used to be.

Sunday evening was just as loud. Tonight, Monday going into Tuesday, I can hear the noise from the turbines inside our bedroom. I can tell the wind is coming out of an easterly direction because of the type of sound that is difficult to ignore. Sounds like a roar with “whoop whoop whoop,” on and on endlessly!

I decided to call the complaint line and see if Iberdrola responds. I’ve called the number two other times with no response and I don’t have much faith in the system. Now I wait to see what happens.

I’ve spoken with neighbors and they are also reluctant to call the complaint line. One of the reasons is that it appears to be “three strikes and you’re out” and you are no longer able to get a response. This is my third time calling.

What will happen to Iberdrola if it doesn’t show up to measure the sound levels? Even if it is fined that doesn’t help the neighbors get sleep. Another reason for not having faith in the complaint line is that the testing procedure is biased to increase the ambient noise levels to stack the deck against the neighbors. Why go through the hassle and not have a fair assessment?

It’s now after 3 a.m., no word from Iberdrola, and Hoosac Wind is still noisy! The woman who answered my call said I should call back in a half hour if I didn’t get a call back. A half hour passed and no call. When I talked with her again, she said she did talk with the person responsible and he was taking care of the situation. I wonder what that means as they should be here by now? As I recall, protocol stipulates a response to the place of complaint must happen in two hours. Apparently I’ve been stood up!

I’ve been told that not many are complaining about the noise. No kidding, what’s the use? My head is throbbing, I am stressed out, and while I’m very tired I can’t sleep because of the noise from Hoosac Wind. In December, it will be four years that we have been impacted and nothing has really changed for the neighbors. We still have the noise, lowered property values and reduced quality of life in various ways, including health and well being. Apparently, no end in sight. Don’t you people care what happens to us?

Larry Lorusso, Clarksburg