September 15, 2016
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When are windmill decisions made?

The Star Press | September 14, 2016 |

Local government officials are at it again in Henry County.

Hundreds of residents in Henry County are fighting against multiple out-of-state wind turbine companies in order to preserve their homes, home values and rural way of life. A special committee (WECS Committee) was set up earlier this year by the county commissioners to review the county’s ordinance pertaining to regulations on such wind turbine developments. The ordinance is several pages long and is outdated by today’s standards.

The WECS committee has met only three times. The first meeting was organizational. The second meeting was three hours of public comment, no committee discussion. The third meeting was to discuss what committee members thought needed to be possibly changed in the ordinance and what further information they needed to make an informed decision. Last Tuesday was to be the fourth meeting (and is rumored to be the last).

No specific details of any modifications, or for that matter, not making modifications, has been discussed in public.

Is this a matter of county officials trying to sweep something under the rug without their constituents knowing? Please investigate this matter as the media is the watchdog for the community.



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