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Wind plan ‘crime against nature’

I was under the impression that Sandhillers understood the sanctity and singularity of this place; that we realized it was something worth preserving. The developers of wind energy have broken that bond. Surely there is no larceny in their hearts, nor in those of the Cherry County public servants who must remain dedicated to their constituents and set aside personal or familial agendas. Right?

It is difficult for me to comprehend that this project is purely financially motivated, as many suggest. Could there be such avarice to redefine an entire geographical and cultural area for personal gain?

There is a purported financial benefit to the school system; do we want it to be taught in those schools that there once was 19,300 square miles of grassland that we didn’t protect? That the hype and political rabidity for “green energy” overrode the truest form of “green” there is?

The Nebraska Sandhills already shoulder an immense responsibility to the Ogallala Aquifer, to keeping our air pure and our plants and animals thriving. We have taken that system and worked within it through the use of grazing livestock to provide for our families and our community. And yet we are not blessed enough?

I encourage you to speak out if you are troubled by wind development in the Sandhills; to contact NPPD, the governor, county commissioners, state senators and the members of Cherry County Wind with your opinion. I want to be able to say to my daughter, “This was wrong; it was a crime against nature and I fought it.” What do you want to say to your children?

Savanna Hebbert