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Wind turbines: Questions that need answers

As many may now know, the Towns of Yates and Somerset, The County Legislatures of Orleans, Niagara and Erie, The Western New York Delegation of State Legislators along with many other public and private organizations have opposed the proposed siting of the Lighthouse Wind Project in Somerset and Yates. Additionally, APEX has now proposed yet another industrial wind turbine project for the Town of Barre with the moniker “Heritage Wind.” This all, of course, is old news.

Interesting new information has come to light however. The original proposed site of APEX’s Lighthouse Wind Industrial Wind Turbine project has expanded from the original siting plan which was identified as:

• North Lyndonville Road (Yates) to the East

• Hess Road (Somerset) to the West

• Lakeshore Road (Yates) and Lower Lake Road (Somerset) to the North

• Route 18 to the South (Yates and Somerset)

To a significantly modified project as follows:

• Millers Road to the South (Village of Lyndonville Border)

• Townline Road to the South (Somerset)

This represents a significant southward expansion of the project.

In other news, I have heard that there are APEX signs now posted in the town of Ridgeway. As concerned citizens, we must ask:

• Has APEX now also targeted Ridgeway for Industrial Wind Turbines?

• Is APEX trying to “connect the dots” between their proposed Lighthouse Wind Industrial Wind Turbine Project in Somerset/Yates and the Heritage Wind Industrial Wind Turbine Project in Barre?

• Are there additional APEX targets in the Orleans and Niagara counties?

I believe these are questions that need answers.

John B. Riggi