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Wind energy isn’t worth it

A trip to the Sloan family farm is always a treasured treat for my family. This year, however, after educating myself on the pros and cons of wind energy and seeing first hand what is taking place in DeKalb County I felt very sad to see this beautiful land being destroyed.

The government- funded Florida Company seems to be providing many false promises. All of the negative factors connected with wind energy are very concerning. Is it worth destroying the beautiful country landscapes, risking serious health concerns, killing wildlife, devaluating property values, destroying roads, damaging friendships, providing incorrect financial information regarding school funding, etc? The wind turbine company does not want people to know that it takes more energy to start the turbine engine running than the energy it will ever generate.

Pretending to make people rich with a false government program promotes greed and deceit within a community. I feel the farmers who have chosen to accept these false promises will not be happy with their decisions very soon. Rather than instant gain, it will be a long- term loss more destructive than anyone could possibly ever imagine. I would encourage everyone to educate themselves on all the facts regarding wind turbines before all of these precious God given gifts are taken away.

Sally Sloan Slatinsky