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People are waking up to the wildly exaggerated claims of green propagandists

Have I missed something? First we had Mars – the chocolate maker not the planet – telling us it was sending power from Moy wind farm, the one that killed the protected osprey a few weeks ago, to all of its production sites across the UK. Now we have Nestle saying it will receive its energy needs in the UK and Ireland from a wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway (“Nestle to use wind farm from 2017”, The Herald, June 22).

A few weeks ago residents in my community were sent a leaflet telling us we could sign up to our local (more than 30 miles away) wind farm’s energy to be sent directly to our homes.

Now I know there are no transmission lines from my house to Lochluichart and I am pretty confident that there are none from Moy or Sanquhar to any production site belonging to Mars and Nestle.

None of these companies has used the magic word “equivalent” – so often used by the Scottish Government to get them out of all sorts of bother.

This is the kind of propaganda we are being relentlessly subjected to. Any wind power produced will go into the national grid, along with energy from nuclear and fossil fuels. There is no act of sorcery separating out the different energy sources for us to purchase what we want.

This kind of advertising is misleading and complaints should be raised as to the legality of suggesting something is being supplied directly when it is not.

Wildly exaggerated claims from the green propagandists, including the Scottish Government and WWF, who push unwanted wind on unwilling communities is wearing thin and eyes are being opened as more rural residents demand the community veto as their counterparts in England have been given.

Maybe this tedious, never-ending windy spin will save us after all. When the wind stops blowing, the production lines will stop and the chocolate bars will cease to be manufactured. It could help beat the obesity epidemic even if we are all sat in the dark and feeling cold as we lose weight.

Lyndsey Ward,

Darach Brae, Beauly.