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County planners hear both sides of wind talk

BAD AXE – The argument of “enough is enough” continued this week regarding a plan to bring up to 70 more wind turbines to the area.

County planners listened to the support and opposition from several township residents during Wednesday’s meeting pertaining to DTE’s newest proposed wind project.

The project covers more than 39,000 acres and 61 square miles across four townships. DTE Energy’s proposed wind energy overlay district spans 39,360 acres in the following townships: 22,080 in Lincoln and 5,760 each in Dwight, Bloomfield and Sigel.

With the plans still not fully in motion, some residents continued to show their support of wind turbines in the county.

“I’m for the wind energy and I don’t see why we get so much opposition from other areas that does not pertain to our area,” said Mark Miller of Lincoln Township. “I wish the commissioners and the board would consider that. This is a project that’s more or less on the eastern side of the county.”

Others were tired of the complaints.

“Some of (the) opposition always seems to be the same people that come here and say we have all these people that are anti against them (turbines) and have problems,” Paul Holz, of Lincoln Township, began to explain. “But those people never come. You’d think if they had the problems that the anti say they have so many of, their support would be here helping.”

The support also poured in from Jim Knoblock, Denise Rice, Barb Andrich, all of Lincoln Township, and Brenda Roggenbuck of Bloomfield Township, who told planners they each agreed with the wind energy project potentially coming to their area.

However, opposition directed arguments against the turbines.

The county is currently figuring out how it should handle a request from many residents wanting to opt-out from the project.

Richard Krohn, of Oliver Township, told planners his concerns apply to the health, safety and welfare of the people in Huron County.

“The experience we have on the other side of the county is noise issues, clicker issues, complaints, complaints not answered promptly,” said Richard Krohn of Oliver Township. “… If you got a complaint on a turbine, as far as I’m concerned, you should want the noise level or issues checked.”

“Somebody needs to be held responsible,” he added. “If you’ve got issues, they need to be answered and taken care of.”

Arguments regarding landowner’s rights stemmed from Sand Beach Township resident Dennis O’Neil.

“We have rights and I want them addressed,” O’Neil said. “It’s getting to the point now where you give rights to homeowners, but I’ve never heard you talk about anything about the landowner’s rights.”

The board of commissioners is scheduled to meet June 14 to review an opt-out opinion from attorneys. From there, the opinion will appear at the July 6 planning commission agenda.