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Does a wind farm make sense for our community?

Apex Clean Energy is in town this week and will be trying to convince people that they are the next slice of bread.

So let’s take a look at a couple of viewpoints.

Apex Clean Energy right now has more 50 projects in the pipeline. If one doesn’t seem to work they can move on.

Residents, ask yourself, with all these projects why Cumberland County? Well, it seems it comes down to land and it appears that even before tested for wind, a deal may have been done with Lone Star, the major land owner in the area.

So what is this really all about? What it is about is U.S. Government Green Money, for so called Green Energy. Companies like Apex Clean Energy, who by the way has several lawsuits they are facing, are packagers.

Apex gathers up all the needed materials, money, organization and start building these wind farms. But they don’t keep most of them. They sell them, along with the power generated, to any out-of-state customer to the highest bid price.

They are working very hard, because if the money from the government subsidies dry up, they are out of business.

A wind turbine is not capable of producing enough energy to offset the expense to build and maintain itself. This is just like Salindra. It is Big Government money misplaced, on something that does not work well enough on-its-own.

So why do it on our land? They don’t care, this is business. If they could get the lease for the land on the rim of the Grand Canyon, you would see a huge Wind Farm there as well.

So don’t think of this as green energy saving the world, it is not. It may be a good idea, but it is not fiscally possible with government money and it is not fiscally viable because the turbines can’t support themselves.

So who gets the bill? We all do. Who loses? In this case we lose … and we lose our beautiful Cumberland Mountains along with it.