May 6, 2016

Councillors reject wind turbine plan following community’s objections

North Devon Journal | May 06, 2016 |

The North Devon Local Plan will not include a new policy for wind energy development; it was announced at this week’s executive meeting.

During discussions at North Devon Council’s executive meeting on Monday, councillors announced the previous idea of including a new policy for wind energy development was not going ahead after all.

They said they were responding to “a large number of representations from the local community” by choosing not to include the policy in the Local Plan for North Devon and Torridge, as well as guidance from central government.

Lead Member for the Local Plan at North Devon Council, Councillor Jeremy Yabsley, said the consultation aimed to comply with latest government policy and procedures and enable local communities to “have their say”.

He said: “It’s great that we can include suggestions put forward during the consultation and make sure the plan is tailored to reflect the needs and wishes of northern Devon.”

Lead member for planning at Torridge District Council, Councillor Peter Watson, said this was why the decision had been taken not to include the wind energy policy.

He said: “A clear majority of consultees objected to the principle of identifying areas suitable for wind energy in northern Devon.

“At the same time, central government, through further guidance, indicated that such an approach was no longer necessary.”

Mr Watson said the manner in which wind energy issues were to be addressed would be adjusted, with the final plan incorporating findings of the consultation and the very latest guidance.

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