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We expect answers from turbine builders

For years, leaders and residents of the Thumb have heard about what kind of good neighbors the companies building wind turbines can and will be.

Helpful, courteous and with money to hand out to people who allow them to erect wind turbines on their property.

Well, that friendly service will be needed as two different companies explain how their turbines, in a span of six days, either fell to the ground or lost a blade.

Never did we think it was possible – without hurricane force winds – that a 400-foot wind turbine would fall to the ground. But that’s why wind energy companies and planners make sure the turbines are not within reach of a dwelling. It’s a smart, just-in-case thing.

Exelon Wind Generation says it has never happened before at one of its 47 wind projects across 10 states. And, it is safe to say, the people who have turbines on their property hope it never happens again.

Farmers don’t need to go through life looking over their shoulder every time they hop on a tractor, or their children jump on a four-wheeler or snowmobile and travel about their property.

Frankly, we have been impressed with the way the wind energy giants have worked with local government and the press while developing their projects that Michigan demands as part of the state’s clean energy plan. The energy giants have been helpful, which we should expect and demand.

There will be a lot of questions in the days ahead. People are going to want answers. People deserve answers.

And we expect local wind giants to have plenty of answers.

Afterall, it’s what you get from your good neighbors.