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Turbines are stress generators

Some of us have been turbined, as in skewered.

The January 14 ZBA hearing considering granting a special permit for Wind I to the town six years after it was built was quite the show. The selectmen’s hired “experts” seemed more like hit men to me.

With their polished presentations of colored half-truths and misrepresentations, they took more time giving their résumés and list of degrees and credentials than the two minutes I, as a victim, was allowed to speak.

Some people will say anything if you pay them enough. Listening to them, I wondered how my six years of experience living 1,500 feet from Falmouth’s municipal wind turbines could be so different than what they described.

If I were the only one having major health and property devaluation problems, I would think myself to be the problem. But I am not, and I point to hundreds of other wind turbine victims in this state alone (21 communities in Massachusetts).

Forty-seven Falmouthites had the courage to speak at the board of health public forum giving oral testimony of their declining health. And at least 100 nearby properties have suffered devaluation due to these wind turbines.

Continued unchecked annoyance (i.e., the audible noise and vibrations felt) leads to greater annoyance, which in many leads to stress and anxiety, gastrointestinal distress, depression, and a compromised immune system with multi-maladies then surfacing. After six years I find myself with chronic stress and panic attacks making me wish I were dead. Is that a nuisance?

Most of our town officials and people in general are overwhelmingly uninformed in the fields of acoustics and stress disorders. It is because of the nature and characteristics of sound pressure and human perception that industrial wind turbines are stress generators.

Before I became ensnared in the foray of Falmouth’s wind turbines I thought that we were a nation of laws. I thought that government was there to protect us. I thought that most people would come to my aid if I was ever in distress.

Now I find that it was all a myth. The Town of Falmouth does not reflect the values of the country I served. “With freedom and justice for all” does not apply to all in Falmouth.

Barry A. Funfar, Ridgeview Drive, West Falmouth