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Twisting in the wind

Re: “Green power sales queried; Experts dispute NSP proposal,” (Jan. 12 story). As a Nova Scotia Power ratepayer, I have absolutely no desire to pay increased costs on my electrical bill to pay for Dan Roscoe’s intermittent (and at times, non-existent) electrical wind energy. Mr. Roscoe is trying to sell his variable energy product on the backs of existing NSP customers by means of subsidies acquired from those customers.

Roscoe is ignoring some fundamental issues:

• NSP is responsible for managing and balancing the electrical grid.

• Large-scale wind turbines have a limited capacity factor of 25 per cent to 30 per cent.

• The firm contributing capacity factor that can be counted on from wind generation in Nova Scotia is in the range of 10 per cent. That is to say, for every 100 MW of installed wind generation, approximately 10 MW can be counted on to contribute to firm system peak.

I really do take exception to independent power producers who totally ignore the technical and financial realities of the NSP grid system. Wind generation in Nova Scotia poses a risk to system reliability if effective load-carrying capability is overstated.

Mr. Roscoe is not acknowledging the fact that COMFIT was cancelled due to overdevelopment of wind energy and his wind energy has major technical issues and limitations that present challenges that need to be managed and paid for by NSP.

Coal thermal production will be reduced by 153 MW only when the Maritime Link Import (firm 153 MW) occurs in 2018.

Warren Peck, Kings County