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Turbines problems were avoidable

I write after reading two letters in the December 4 edition, both condemning the West Falmouth residents on perceived grievances as they pertain to the two wind turbines at the wastewater facility.

Neither writer lives in West Falmouth. Both have addenda that differ, but look to influence the readers to believe that anyone who opposes the monsters is either in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry or just plain crazy.

One writer has admitted to working for the wind industry, and the other showed anger at the last meeting of the board of appeals.

Both have followed the theory that if you say something over and over enough, it will be perceived as true.

Had the 660kw turbine similar to the one in Hull been installed, there might not have been any controversy or at the very least, there would not have been the “perceived health problems” caused by the industrial machines that were installed. If the town had followed its original intent, there would have been clean power for the wastewater plant and the town would not have become the poster child for what not to do when the wool is being pulled over the eyes of its citizenry.

Richard M. Bowen, Ambleside Drive, West Falmouth